learn more about our yoga treacher training course at our open house!

  • Meet the trainers
  • Get to know the studio facilities
  • Learn more about the training
  • Ask any questions
  • Practice a full 1 hour class

Free Open House Event!
Sunday, 6th October 4pm-6.30pm
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Learn more about our yoga treacher training course at our open house!

Learn from experienced yoga teachers how becoming a teacher could be a very positive change in your life! 

A sneak peak into our yoga teacher training course...

Teach real students.

During the training you will be teaching real students. The more you teach, the more confident you will be to go out into the world and get teaching straight away.

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Learn more than just poses.

Become a powerful yoga teacher by being a student of your teachings. Learn to guide students through their own yoga journey. 

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Special Space

The connection created when people come together with a shared purpose is magical. Special life time bonds are created. Find your Tribe!

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Yoga Lifestyle

Learn to cultivate a yoga lifestyle, one that brings more peacefulness to your mind and more joy into your life. 

We are located in the city centre of Southampton, with great facilities,  changing rooms, showers and free parking so that you  feel comfortable and looked after.


I want to learn how to be a Powerful Teacher.