Yoga Teacher Training Hampshire - Southampton

13 Feb - 21 Mar 2021

24 July - 1 Aug 2021


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Yoga Teacher Training Hampshire

Testimonials from previous graduates

Why become a certified Yoga Teacher ?

Today with stress and anxiety being an every day occurrence in peoples lives, teaching yoga allows you to acquire the tools to deal with your own life stresses and anxieties but also give back to the community by sharing your love for the practice and contribute to every students body, spirit and mental wellbeing.

Join Benedita Sousa and Ian Boylin for a life changing, transformational Yoga Teacher Training.


Is this for me?

In Balance Hot Yoga Teacher Training is designed for aspiring yoga teachers and dedicated students of all levels who are thirsty to deepen their practice and to better their quality of life.

You might not be planning to teach yoga , still this training is a wonderful opportunity to dedicate time to your self-growth, happiness and to deepen your personal practice.

Through the practice of foundational and advanced asana practice and a variety of modules your knowledge will expand massively and the personal transformation will awaken the powerful human being you already are.

We recommend that trainees to have at least 6 months of consistent yoga practice experience. This can include anything from public classes, privates, corporate classes, online videos, or home practice.

Don't miss you opportunity to a life changing career, be part of a growing yogi community and join our Yoga Teacher Training Hampshire.

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What will I be learning?

A yoga teacher training is such an extraordinary training for personal growth, professional growth that at In Balance Hot Yoga it is important for us to provide a safe space for the transformation to happen.

We share with the trainees all of the knowledge, skills and support needed to start teaching yoga right away:

Practice teaching Asana
Beginners & All levels class
Applied Anatomy & Physiology
Asana Alignment & Study of Asana
Hand on assist & adjustments
Workshop Teaching & Set up
Origin of Yoga & Yoga Philosophy:
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras & Bhagavad Gita
Pranayama & Meditation
Chakras, Nadis & Doshas
Self Practice, Discovery, Healing
& Empowerment
Business & Ethics

Life changing training.

Physically, emotionally and spiritually demanding.

Out of your comfort zone, where growth happens.

Typical Day

Every day we start at 8am and finish at 6pm.

Daily practice of asana, meditation and pranayama.

Daily trainee teaching practice, study of asana, hands on assist and alignment.

Daily practice of yoga philosophy & transformational work.

Feb TT

13 - 21 Feb - 9 day Intensive

27 & 28 Feb - 1st Weekend

6 & 7 Mar - 2nd Weekend

13 to 21 Mar - 9 day Intensive

Jul TT

10 - 18 Jul - 9 day Intensive

24 & 25 Jul - 1st Weekend

31 & 1 Aug - 2nd Weekend

7 - 15 Aug - 9 day Intensive

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Feb TT Early Bird - £2500 by 4th Oct 2020

Jul TT Early Bird - £2500 by 7th Mar 2020

Deposit - £500 (non-refundable)

Full Payment - £3000

Fee includes unlimited access to the studio classes during the training. Current studio members will have membership payments frozen  and new students will have unlimited access to all classes on schedule, during the teacher training.

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1. Register for a call with the lead trainer and to find out if this programme is for you. 
2. Complete the below form

3. Pay deposit

What else?

Teach real students at the studio weekly community classes.

Practice hands on assist on real classes.

Homework & Assignments throughout.

Exam on the last day.

To complete the course 100% attendance is required (exceptions can be considered before enrolment) and to pass the exam.

We recommend that you have a minimum of 6 months regular yoga practice to apply to our teacher training.

Location: In Balance Hot Yoga, Arena Business Centre, Threefield Lane, Southampton, SO14 3LP

This is Not Your Typical Yoga Teacher Training Course!

You will leave being able to teach classes of "real" students.

We are privilege to have classes with "real" students for you to teach, practice your hands on assist and start to have a feel for what it is to set up for a class, as a teacher, in a studio environment.

For us the more you teach during the training the more confident you will be to go out onto the world and get teaching opportunities straight away.

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We teach more than just asana.

At In Balance Hot Yoga we believe that being a yoga teacher is not only standing in front of a class calling out poses, or being able to do fancy poses.

To be a powerful yoga teacher we are forever yoga students, we teach to serve the students in the class, we guide them through their journey with no personal agenda, we inspire human beings to be the best they can be by being the best we can be.

We embody yogic life style of kindness, compassion, authenticity, connection, growth and empowerment.

A group of support and special space.

One of the most powerful aspect of the course is the space and connection that is created when people come together with a shared purpose.

The space created and the support provided by the group allows a safe space for each student to explore and share what they are feeling in compassionate and kind environment.

Special bonds and friendships are created at In Balance Hot Yoga Teacher Training.

Hampshire Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Lifestyle.

During the program we do our best to cultivate a yoga lifestyle, one that brings more peacefulness to our minds.

As part of this practice, we encourage a vegetarian diet, discourage tobacco, and don’t allow caffeine, alcohol or other recreational substances during the program.

In our Yoga Teacher Training you'll have the purest experience during your training and you will find the life choices that are from the real you, rather than from influences of the world.

This is one of the great lessons in yoga – that the choices we make around how we live, influence our life in dramatic ways.

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