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Dynamic Hot Classes

Based in vinyasa style expect classes to be different but at the same time giving you good familiarity, modifications are offered to suit your practice and your body. 

These motivating classes will make you sweat, detoxify the body and mind, build strength, improve stamina, balance and flexibility. 

The heat helps the muscles to relax, prevents injuries and trains the mind to be single focused on your practice. 

The movements are combined with Ujjayi breath that heats up the inside of our body, brings the mind to focus on breathing and helps us to ease into challenging parts of the class or poses.

Room temperature between 32c - 34c.

Book Here.

Dynamic Low Intensity (HOT)

These are great classes if you are new to yoga or want to get to know our practice.

Energising dynamic class with low intensity to build strength, to stretch, detox and unwind. 

Expect these classes to be similar every week, giving you confidence on the foundational poses of our yoga practice. 

Grab your Intro pass, 30 days for £30.

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Dynamic Medium Intensity (HOT)

These are great classes if you have attended a few of the low intensity classes and want to explore more your practice. 

Expect these classes to be different and challenging, deepening and growing your practice, maybe learning some new poses or going deeper into poses.

Energising dynamic class with medium intensity to increase strength, flexibility, balance and let go of the daily stress. Book Here.

Dynamic High Intensity (HOT)

These classes are ideal to mix up with the medium intensity. 

Expect these classes to be different and challenging, fast flowing through poses, building up heat to increase strength, stamina and flexibility. 

Energising dynamic class with high intensity to grow your practice, leave feeling lighter, stronger and uplifted or “zendout”. Book Here.

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Private Yoga Classes (HOT)

Perfect if:

- You are new to yoga and are looking to kick start your practice.

- You're struggling with certain poses and want one-to-one attention.

- You're suffering from stiffness or injury and want to work at a slower pace.

- You already attend class regularly and want to refine your practice under personal guidance.

Send an email to to enquiry.