Back Bends Workshop

Find instant energy!

Backbends have an amazing uplifting effect on us mentally, physically and emotionally and are powerful energy enhancers which promote instant vitality and wellbeing.
New levels of energetic freedom and openness are available when a fuller range of motion in the spine is accessed, and the chest area (heart) is opened.


Back Bends workshop

Build your backbends!

You will learn the principles of how to 'build' your backbends, and how to protect vulnerable body parts by stabilising your lower body and using bandhas, props and proper alignment.

You will work through a progression of poses, and these will be demonstrated using different bodies, shapes and sizes so you can see how to adapt poses to suit you.

You will receive alignment adjustments, assists and have the opportunity to work past your fears, challenge your beliefs and try out poses in a safe, playful and fun manner.

Leave this workshop really playful with your practice and try things you 'believe' you can't do, or don't know how to do.

Suitable for all levels of ability.

Price: £30 p/person

(Members 10%-20% discount)