Yoga Workshops

Alongside our classes and programmes, we also run workshops.  These focus on certain areas of your body, yoga practice and level.

Workshop Testimonials

"I had a great workout and
felt very relaxed
The tension in my hips
really disappeared!!"

— Agta T.

"I recommend this
workshop for everyone. 

You can't do poses
without knowledge. 

Good guide, good teacher."

— Jose M.

"Great workshop, looked at
areas we wanted
to work on and
incorporated into
the class. 
Good instructors who
adjusted and corrected
posture in poses. 
Thanks, Bene and Ian!"

— Gwenda

"It's really helped me
to understand how
to notice and adjust 
different parts
of my body to
work them more
and have more stability."

— Lucy R.

"Really enjoyed learning
about the principles of
asana yoga. 

But more importantly,
we all had a lot of
advice on practising
each pose in the right
way for that person. "

— Laura H.

"Great introduction and
hands-on approach and
application for a beginner. "

— Jason R.

"A great practice to open
the hips and release
tension through the
whole body. 

Great instruction
from Bene and & Ian,
as always! "

— Hayley B.