Yoga Workshops

Alongside our classes and programmes, we also run workshops.  These focus on certain areas of your body, yoga practice and level.

Beginners and Improvers Workshop

Beginners and Improvers Workshop

Get assistance and advice on poses.

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How to conquer arm balances

Arm Balance Workshop

This workshop will focus on working on the foundations for arm balance poses, working our way from basic to more challenging poses.

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pigeon pose

Hip Openers Workshop

The workshop will include a yoga practice to prepare the body for the deeper hip opening poses.

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Back Bends workshop

Backbends Workshop

Get assistance and advice on poses.

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Workshop Testimonials

"I had a great workout and felt very relaxed afterwards. The tension in my hips really disappeared!!"

— Agta T.

"I recommend this workshop for everyone. 

You can't do poses without knowledge. 

Good guide, good teacher."

— Jose M.

"Great workshop, looked at areas we wanted to work on and incorporated into the class. 
Good instructors who adjusted and corrected posture in poses. 
Thanks, Bene and Ian!"

— Gwenda

"It's really helped me to understand how to notice and adjust different parts of my body to work them more and have more stability."

— Lucy R.

"Really enjoyed learning about the principles of asana yoga. 

But more importantly, we all had a lot of advice on practising each pose in the right way for that person. "

— Laura H.

"Great introduction and
hands-on approach and
application for a beginner. "

— Jason R.

"A great practice to open the hips and release tension through the whole body. 

Great instruction from Bene and & Ian, as always! "

— Hayley B.