Yoga Workshops

Eiffel Tower Legs, Big Ben Spine Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to create a strong foundation to your practice, by learning the power of your legs and spine.

You will learn:

- How to release pressure in the wrist when in Downward Facing dog and other poses

- How to do high to low plank in an effective and safe way

- How to create a strong and stable base for your postures

- How to practise safely and avoid injury, when advancing your practice

- The foundations of In Balance Hot Yoga practice

- Brief introduction to Yoga philosophy

Leave this workshop with heightened confidence in your practice and a real sense of stepping up your practice!

No experience in yoga required for this workshop.

Hip your way open Workshop

Our bodies are amazing machines that are designed to move. 

Unfortunately, our lifestyles, and the way we move our bodies often contributes to tight hips. 

Over time, the hip muscles that join your abdomen to your legs become tight, upsetting the muscles and structures both above and below the hips. Hence why knee problems, lower back pain, and even shoulder and neck pain are often connected to tension in the hips. 

Running and cycling can also result in tight hips due to the repeated use of the hip flexors to lift the leg to propel you forward. 

Our body also holds emotions in tense muscles and the deep muscles of the hips are often the centre of many stuck and suppressed emotions. By releasing the muscular tension, old stuck emotions can also be shifted, leaving you feeling lighter and more free, emotionally as well as physically. 

Over this 3 hour workshop you will delve into hip opening poses that will work around all angles of your hips. 

You will gain a greater understanding of the anatomy of your hips and will use standing, seated and supine postures to increase your range of motion in all directions.  

The Hot & Open Hips workshop will include a yoga practice to prepare the body for the deeper hip opening poses. 

Leave this workshop with more freedom of movement in your hips and better informed relationship with hip opening poses. Modifications will be offered for students with injury. 

Suitable for all levels of ability.       

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Hot Backbends Workshop

Find instant energy! 

Backbends have an amazing uplifting effect on us mentally, physically and emotionally and are powerful energy enhancers which promote instant vitality and wellbeing. New levels of energetic freedom and openness are available when a fuller range of motion in the spine is accessed, and the chest area (heart) is opened. 

Not just wheel! 

Backbends are a part of many poses and infiltrate the whole In Balance Hot Yoga sequence – from Warrior 1, Cobra, Sphinx and Upward facing dog, to Camel, Bow, Locust, Bridge and of course, Wheel. 

Build your backbends! 

You will learn the principles of how to 'build' your backbends, and how to protect vulnerable body parts by stabilising your lower body and using bandhas, props and proper alignment. 

You will work through a progression of poses, and these will be demonstrated using different bodies, shapes and sizes so you can see how to adapt poses to suit you. 

There will also be lots of opportunity to ask questions and get specific feedback. 

You will receive alignment adjustments, assists and have the opportunity to work past your fears, challenge your beliefs and try out poses in a safe, playful and fun way. 

Leave this workshop really playful with your practice and try things you 'believe' you can't do, or don't know how to do.  

Suitable for all levels of ability.  

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What our yogis say about our workshops?

  “ Excellent cover of the basic moves, breathing and how the body works, Very hands on – great ! Thank you :) ” – Megan M.  

“ A great + Fun way to get a beginners guide to yoga! Learn as well as play + experience a more personal touch. “ Holly L. 

“ Really enjoyed learning about the principles of asana yoga. But more importantly we all had advice on practicing each pose in the right way for that person” - Laura H. 

“ Being a complete beginner I really enjoyed this workshop. The teacher was fantastic and really helpful to get my poses correct. Looking forward to my new journey in Yoga! Thank you :) ! “ – Anonymous.