Teminate Online Membership

Please read :

1 - Once you click "terminate", the membership it is terminated with IMMEDIATE effect.

2 - If you wish to continue for a few more weeks wait until the last day to terminate.

4 - Complete the form below. This is for our information, it does not terminate your membership. 

5 - Click on "TERMINATE MEMBERSHIP" at the end of this page to complete the termination.

we are honored and humbled that you chose to practice with us!

Thank you for completing the short survey below. 

Improve my flexibility
Build on my strength
Loose weight
Release form daily stress
Improve or avoid injury
Complement another sport
Find healing for depression/anxiety
Find relief for ie: back pain, hip pain, neck shoulder pain, other aches and pains


1 - Click on "Terminate Membership", it will open another page.

2 - Sign in, go to "My Info", then "Account", scroll down to "Autopays".

3 - Click "Terminate" button on the right hand side. 

4 - REMINDER: Termination is immediate.