Awaken Your Inner Warrior in 90 days

Starts 2nd of Septemebr 2018


Breakthrough limiting beliefs

Be the Pilot of your Life

Unleash your power

You know so well what you want that you are always looking for ways to get it, move forward and progress in your life.

At times you are angry at yourself and towards others.

You are tired of the extremes you live your life, either extremely happy or extremely sad, either feeling powerful and confident or feeling embarrassed and scared.

You know you are a beautiful, attractive woman but you are feeling lonely and frustrated for not having found true love.

You know how to look after yourself but with the high pressures from work and the sadness of being alone you binge on food and take on drugs to numb yourself.

You have a lot of energy but inside you are exhausted and frustrated of all the conflicts in your head and the emotional roller coaster you live in. 

I know this because I was once YOU and have transformed my life.

I am here to tell you CAN too.

You will

Make lasting changes to your physical and mental well-being

Resolve past issues shadowing your life today

Increase your self-belive and self-worth

Quieten the mind and gain control of your life

Gain life long tools to keep you grounded in moments of tornmoil

Awaken you Inner Warrior

Are you ready to awaken the inner warrior?

What's Included

Yoga Classes

Hot Yoga Practice

Connecting to your body  is indispensable to your success!

The programme includes minimum 5x studio practices a week and 1 workshop a month.

Feel Stronger and Fitter

Feel  More Flexible

Feel More Focus


The art of snacking vegan


If you eat like crap you feel like crap!

The programme is not about dieting and we do not advise doing any diet whilst on the programme.

Feel Vibrant

Feel Lighter

Feel Inspired

Feel Appeased



Lower the volume of your thoughts and reduce the chatter from your mind!

Many of us strugle to meditate and very often don't know what it is to meditate.

Find your meditation practice

Fall in love with meditation

Feel in peace

Yoga Studio Southamptom

We are in this together

You won't be more than a week without seeing us or hearing from us.

Daily facebook interaction

Weekly communications

Support for conscious eating and living

Zoom meetings

Unconditional support from the coaching team


Personal Journal

The more you put in the more you get out!

As simple as that!

There will be a lot of things shifting in your life, in your body, in your mind, there will be so many learning that the more you write about it, the more your get it out of your body and mind the better.

Digesting learnings through the power of writing has exponential effects on our ability to create detachment and equanimity.

Are your ready to awaken the inner warrior?