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Powerful Vehicle for Change!

Most of us nowadays live very demanding lives. All the running around, the deadlines to meet and the social and family life to fulfil, all takes its toll on the body and mind………….Do you feel that your mind is always going at 1000 miles an hour?…….Do you feel that after a long day at work, your neck, shoulders and back are sore?  These are signs of stress built up in the body that needs to be released to avoid any further ailments.  We can help you let go of all these heavyweights, realign, reset, regain energy and re-focus to face tomorrow at your best.

At In Balance Hot Yoga we offer a range of hot yoga classes, workshops and teacher training at our studio in the heart of Southampton.  The hot yoga classes are heated up, between 32C – 34C.

This heat enables our bodies to detox, to enhance flexibility more quickly, also allowing us to go deeper into postures.

The heat also prevents the risk of injury and at the same time, it helps recovery from injury too.

Why are we different?

We’re not about gimmicks or fads, just good yoga that leaves you feeling reset, aligned in your body, as well as clear and calm in your mind.

Our classes are based on Vinyasa, which means we flow through the poses synchronizing each movement with the breath, making the classes dynamic and helping to build strength and stamina.

Ujjayi breath is a key focus in our classes, it provides 700% more oxygen to the body and it triggers the parasympathetic nervous system for total physiological relaxation.

Why Hot Yoga?

It makes you feel good or actually very good.

There’s also the psychological effect that heat has in our mind and body. Imagine how you feel when you are out and about on a cold day and then enter a warm and cosy room. I bet immediately you do aaaaaaahhhhhhh......

Doing yoga in a room heated up between 25c - 30c, makes you feel good, helps you go deeper, prevents injuries, helps recover from injuries and makes you sweat, getting rid of toxins and detoxing your body.

What can we help you with?

In today’s ‘always on’, always busy world, most of us don’t take much time out. At In Balance Hot Yoga – we can offer you some space to just be you.  Our yoga can help to quieten your mind, restoring some equilibrium to your day and can help you to reset and realign both physically and mentally.

If you want to explore specific aspects of our yoga – our workshops can help – these are one-off sessions to focus on certain areas of your body, yoga practice and level. We also run regular programmes designed to create change, whilst improving your overall health and well being.

No mirrors. No biases.
No expectations. No competition.

Pure intense yoga practice that gets you out of your head and into your body.

About Us


Benedita Sousa

When Bene first went to a yoga class at Hot Power Yoga in London, she was immediately hooked. After so many years trying different things to match her high energy personality, from dancing to volleyball, only this dynamic vinyasa style of yoga gave her all that she needed.

Bene's journey started in 2011 when yoga helped her get through depression, to love herself and her body. It also helped Bene to gain the confidence needed to succeed professionally. Since her teacher training, she shares her love of yoga and inspires people to take on this life practice.

Whilst at the top of Bene's career as a Hotel General Manager in Southampton, she left the corporate world behind and decided to follow her dream of touching other souls in ways that only oneself can understand.

Now she's launched the 1st Hot Yoga Studio in Southampton!


Ian Boylin

After thinking that Yoga was all about hugging the trees, Ian completely changed his understanding of yoga when his girlfriend convinced him to give it a go and join her in one class.

He was surprised to discover he really enjoyed it and found it very beneficial to complement his gym workouts, climbing and motorbike passion.

Ian became a teacher so that he can inspire other guys to take on Yoga for its fitness benefits but also because we all need, at times, to quieten the mind. On a mat and in a hot room is the perfect place!


Elliot King

Elliott starting dabbling with various forms of yoga to help relieve the stress and anxiety of his busy career. But when he found IBHY he became hooked.
Through Bene's teachings of the physical and mental practices of yoga, Elliott was able to significantly reduce stress, live a more present life and get healthier in the process.
He became a teacher to help advocate the mental and physical benefits of yoga and share the insights from his experience.
Elliott wants to help students build awareness of their bodies so that they may improve awareness and their relationship with their minds.
Join Elliott for strong, sweaty and mentally uplifting practice!
yoga teacher southampton

Ellie Ferguson

Ellie started practising yoga as a means to destress, reduce anxiety and find some calm in everyday life.
Over the years, it evolved into something much more, something that helped Ellie to grow stronger, both mentally and physcially with each practise.
Yoga helped with growing her confidence as well as feeling good in her own skin. Ellie's mission is to share this by teaching others how to feel and experience the same.
Get out of your head and onto your mat, join Ellie for a grounding practise or a flow that will challenge you both mentally and physically.
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Ellie Lincoln

Ellie initially took up yoga to compliment her gym workouts, but it was soon all she wanted to do when she began to notice the benefits in her body and mind.

She found In Balance when she was searching for a hot yoga class to challenge her, and fell in love with it.

Ellie loved the subtle healing and “aha” moments during class, alongside feeling balanced and glowing afterwards.

She wanted to share these experiences with others, so she quit her job as a chef to become a yoga teacher.

But this leap of faith paid off, and now she gets to help people find space to connect with themselves and realise their potential.

Ellie’s classes will have you supple, strong and full of feelgood.

yoga teacher southampton

Laura Denman

When Laura lost touch with all her inner qualities above, yoga and IBHY helped her re connect to herself and paved the way to living a new lease of life.

Living with purpose, gratitude, joy in the present moment, a healthy mum of 3, nourished by plant eating and home-grown happiness, Laura’s energetic approach has awoken her from living in auto pilot and diminished those self-limiting beliefs.

Laura now embraces all opportunities and often says “anything is possible “and her favourite moto is “Life is for living”!

Laura completed the teacher training and is now ready to share her passion and favourite past time serving others. Spreading the joy of yoga with an uplifting, can do attitude, Laura jokes that bending like a pretzel is not required but is fun and achievable…

Laura sparks self-confidence in others and encouraging anyone that yoga is for all strength’s and abilities.