40 days to personal Revolution



Detox your body and mind



You will

Feel stronger, fitter and more flexible

  • Gain more clarity and focus 

Feel more energy and motivation

Learn about yourself and your place in the world

Make changes that will improve your life

You have goals and dreams and want to make them a reality. 

You know the importance of wellbeing and life balance.

You have achieved a lot and feel proud of how far you have come.

You know you can do much better but something is blocking you.

You know you can bring more balance into your life but are lacking consistency.

You get angry with the lack of progress and the up's and down's leave you tired and drained.  

You’re eager to make a change and nothing will stop you.

What's Included

Hot Yoga

Yoga Practice

The intense and consistent daily physical practice will help you:

Feel stronger

Feel fitter

Feel more flexible


Be more focus



Fuel your body to sustain your journey!

Set yourself for success by adopting conscious eating.

Feel vibrant

Feel lighter

Feel inspired

Feel appeased



Lower the volume of your thoughts and reduce the chatter from your mind.

Find your meditation practice

Fall in love with meditation

Feel in peace

Support and Coaching

We are in this together

The support from us and the group is crucial.

Bi-Weekly group meetings

Conscious eating and living education & support

Daily connections through Facebook group

Personal Journal

Personal Journey

The more you put in the more you get out.

The more you write in your journal the more clarity you have.

The more your express yourself the more you let go of what does not serve you.

ready to start your personal revolution

on the 10th February?


" Feeling a lot stronger, I feel that I have improved a lot in my yoga practice, I'm a lot more confident now.

I am attempting poses that I never thought I would attempt. I really enjoyed the support from the coaches and from each other. Doing the programme in a group was really important to me. 

Mentally I feel more grounded and more focus on myself, less drowned into stuff that it is external to me, things that don't serve me. " Emma - Feb 18


I highly recommend this programme to everyone. 

It has brought a lot of knowledge about my life, myself, the path I need to go through. More conscious about the food that I am eating, looking at everything with more cleanness. 

I am so thankful to all group and it is such a great experience."

Carla May 18

"I've never done yoga before, I was a bit worried that it wouldn't be physical, but the hot yoga is really physical, but you get a nice balance with hatha and yin classes. 

I've amazed myself enjoying the plant based diet, it's been really inspiring and it has made me have a massive dislike of processed food. 

Without the people in the group I wouldn't have learnt much about myself. 

P.S. I have lost 9pounds, it's been really good for my self esteem." 

Chris - May 2018

Ready to make a change?