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' Our Intention is to create a safe environment so you can practice your yoga, whilst connecting with yourself and with our growing yoga community!'

What our Yogis's are saying

"Yoga has surprised me of what I am able to do!"

What has been the impact of yoga in your life?

"I think for me, its the opportunity to not think about work and not think about how other people see me. It is a safe place for me to focus on myself instead of thinking about other people, which is my job. With all the emotions and stress that comes with my job, yoga helps me relax my brain as well as my body. Also, yoga has surprised me of what I am able to do. Things that I thought 'oh I will never be able to do that' or 'I cant go upside down' turn out to be something I can manage to do or am in progress of doing."

What would you say to students who might be in doubt if it is for them or not?

"You never know what you will be able to acheive if you dont try. Yoga is such a great place to explore what you can do. It is non judgemental you dont need to feel embarrassed if you fall or if youre stiff, because we all need to start somewhere. If we dont start, we never know what can surprise us in yoga." - 

Natalie C.

Feb 18

"this has changed since finding Bene and Ian's classes"

What has been the impact of Yoga in your life?

"I started practicing yoga 10 years ago when I was still at school. This was a time when I felt like I had the whole world on my shoulders and I was starting to crack under all the pressure I had put upon myself to perform well academically. I started yoga as I thought it would help to tackle stress and be a form of escapism. 

I found that after some time I felt more grounded and relaxed under pressure as well as the added benefits of becoming stronger and more flexible. Over the last 10 years I have had periods of practicing lots and times where I have not been as dedicated. All this has changed since finding Bene and Ian's classes. I feel I have found somewhere where I can practice regularly where there is a sense of community and I am constantly challenged and supported by them within my practice. I have definitely rediscovered my love for yoga and I will never look back!"

What would you say to students that might be in doubt if it is for them nor not?

"The hardest thing is to turn up, then you will ask yourself why you didn't start sooner. Don't worry about not being flexible enough!"

Hayley B.

Feb 18

"I can't imagine my life without regular yoga now"

What has been the impact of Yoga in your life?

"I can't imagine my life without regular yoga now, and really miss it if I can't make classes for a week or two. Yoga has taught me a lot about my body's alignment and how to use different muscles, which is slowly helping my day to day posture as an office worker. It's definitely increased my strength and flexibility, which is enjoyable for its own sake as well as helping my other activities like running. Not only that but yoga has really helped me find more headspace and calm, and is a vital part of how I look after my mental health. It's also shown me that, with practice, I can achieve more than I first thought!"

What would you say to students that might be in doubt if it is for them nor not?

'I honestly believe that yoga is for everyone - I can't imagine who wouldn't benefit from it mentally and physically. I think that finding a good class and good teachers is crucial, so I'd encourage students to try a few different classes, especially for beginners. Working with Bene and Ian and In Balance Hot Yoga has meant that I am finally improving and practising yoga regularly after years of practising infrequently. Good teachers like them will help you work with the level you're at and encourage you to keep going. Having teachers who will give you good cues and hands-on help means that you'll keep learning more and improving, so don't worry about not knowing what to do! If you go to the same studio regularly you'll also get to know your classmates who will be a great support and you can also share a laugh together. I've really enjoyed getting to know the other students at In Balance, and I'd really recommend the atmosphere and friendliness. It means you'll never regret coming to a class."

Lucy R.

Feb 18

"I can do again things in dance I thought I was not going to do any more. "

What have I got at the moment from yoga?

"A community where I feel confident, where there are people that maybe, in a no longer future, could become friends with whom I can share other things in common.

My flexibility is much better, I can do again things in dance I thought I was not going to do any more. 

Also when I jump I can do it higher again, I feel stronger, my core muscle is stronger helping me to improve the quality of my dancing (legs with more freedom, easier to do balances...). 

Old pains have disappeared such as back pain which couldn't allow me to do a very long back bend which is very important in dance, neck pain which made me avoid some positions limiting myself.

About my fears. This is a good point

I remember the first day Benedita said: "Now we are going to do headstand!" 

My head thought: "what?!!" 

My head said it, because it wasn't me, it was my fear who talked for me. 

I felt my heart beating out of my ribs like in the cartoons. 

I can't believe that I am now able to do headstand in the centre without a wall and by myself after two months.

That is because you trust on me and I felt it, you show me the only thing I needed was just trust on myself, and it worked !!!"

Barbara V.

Jan 18

Can you see the sweat .....

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